Every good leader should have sleepless nights after watching looting videos – Yul Edochie


Actor and politician, Yul Edochie has averred that videos showing Nigerians looting should give any good leader sleepless nights.

Edochie noted that those looting videos shows “Nigerians are dying of hunger” and leaders who watch them should be “working out ways to improve the living standard of the masses.”

 Speaking further, Edochie said Nigerian leaders aren’t concerned about that, instead they are concerning themselves with social media.

”After watching those looting videos, every good leader should be having sleepless nights working out ways to improve the living standard of the masses. Nigerians are dying of hunger. Rather your headache is social media. SHAME!” he wrote on Twitter.

In another tweet, Edochie said that with all the problems in Nigeria, what our leaders focus on is how to stop people from expressing themselves on social media”.

“ With all the problems in this country, poor health care, poverty, bad roads, poor educational system, doctors running out of the country, terrorism, Inflation, etc, your headache is social media. So you can stop us from speaking out. Shame on you all. Na God go judge all of una”.