Palliative looters were pushed by hunger, says Iretiola Doyle


Actress, Iretiola Doyle has opened up on the recent lootings taking place in several states in Nigeria.

The renowned role interpreter shared her opinion on the raging issue via her Twitter handle saying the looters did it because they were starving.

She said: “I know we are renowned for loving awoof, but greed wasn’t the reason for the stampede on palliatives, it was hunger. Acute hunger. That is something your leaders will never live down.”

Recall that Nigerians had taken to different warehouses in the country to loot the Covid-19 palliatives in warehouses in various states ahead of the official distribution.

Following the looting across the country, some states including Ekiti State had called on people who looted the state warehouse to return the things they took stating that most of it is not consumables but fertilizers that can be harmful to them.