Drama as #EndSARS protesters storm Lagos Judicial Panel sitting

Drama ensued after three people identified as #EndSARS representatives stormed the Lagos State Judicial Panel On Restitution for Victims of SARS Related Abuses and Other Matters currently sitting at Lekki Lagos.

They are Victoria Oniru, Dabira Ayuku, and Perpetual Kamsiyuchukwu.

A lawyer, Adesina Ogunlana had earlier presented himself as the legal representative of the #EndSARS protesters

But I. J Okechukwu, a lawyer for the government, opposed representation of #EndSARS protesters, arguing that #EndSARS is not a legal entity and its faceless.

“There is no entity called “EndSARS protesters”.

“My learned friend is entitled to represent anybody that is known to law. We cannot have anybody appearing for a body that is not known to law, no leader, no structure.

EndSARS protesters is a nebulous entity,” said Okechukwu.

Rotimi Seriki, counsel for the Lekki Concession Company, (LLC), aligned with the government lawyer. He also said the LCC was not an “interested party” in the matter, but invited because “the panel that feels it might have relevant evidence to assist it”.

“We cannot allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to represent,” he concluded.

Ogunlana retorted that he did not just appear at the panel without prior instruction of his clients.

He went on to call out three persons, whom he said were part of protesters and had hired him to represent them.