Getting married early or late doesn’t bother me — Taaooma


Popular comedienne and skit maker, Taaooma has said that she had never been bothered about getting married early or late.

“It feels nice to be engaged at my young age. I did not know it would happen this soon because I was indifferent about it,” she said.

“Getting married early or late had never bothered me. I actually still do not believe that I am engaged”, she told Punch.

Her fiance Abdulaziz Green alias Abula said he proposed to her because he felt it was time to ask her.

“I proposed to Taaooma because I felt it was time to ask her to be my wife. I met her during my national youth service in Kwara State. She was still in school then. I do not date for fun,” he said.

In an interview with newsmen, Taaooma said she once thought of closing her Instagram account.

“Years back, I thought of it at some point. When I thought of how long it will take me to get here”.