It’s wrong for movie stars to go nude, bleach – Lere Paimo

Veteran actor, Lere Paimo is one of the revered thespians in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood who has contributed immensely to the industry.

Paimo has stated that nudity, bleaching and vulgar languages in movies is wrong.

Speaking in a chat with The Nation, he said: “There is no amount of advice we would give to them, they won’t listen because many of them lack training. Nudity, bleaching and vulgar languages in movies is wrong, Yorubas don’t do that, we did not do such when we started acting up till now. Some of them listen to advice while some turn deaf ears.But change is constant, most of these things happen in real life, people now go half nude and bleach their skin”.

Sharing his opinion on the need for Nollywood to make historical movies, he said: “They don’t have the brain to write such movies like that. For instance, my movie, Ogbori Elemoso and others like Saworo Ide. We did our research and met the elders to produce such movies. Is it the disrespectful children that would go to the elders to make research? In those days, we respect our bosses and not them alone, we respect our seniors but they disregard every one and we have been cautioning them to respect their elders. After my proposed foundation, Eda Onileola Foundation, which I plan to launch in March 2021 by God’s grace, I intend to start a school of acting with the money I would realise there to teach young people our type of job, dancing and how to write powerful stories because these stories must teach some lessons”.