Why I remind my daughter I am not her father, Ninalowo reveals


Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo a.k.a Nino B  has opened up on why he reminds his daughter, Aliyah, that he is not her father.

Makanaki, as he is fondly called, said he only plays the role of a guardian while God is her only father.

The huge actor noted that because of his constant reminder, she keeps God first in everything she does.

Ninalowo, who shared photos of himself and Aliyah on Instagram, wrote: “With Africa’s Next Top Model @myteenandi… I remind her every day that only GOD is her father, I remain her Guardian… So she keeps GOD first and I, behind her back…Maka”

In an interview, Ninalowo disclosed that he is obsessed with his wife.

“I am blessed and don’t forget that it’s a privilege to have what I have. Our love story is not that of a rich man that met a beautiful girl. We have been together for 16 years and have come a long way. We have been through so much. I had always imagined being successful in the entertainment industry and having a beautiful wife by my side.

“She is quite an introvert. We are practically two opposite people that complement one another well. Before I became a celebrity, I used to show off my wife. She looks like my mother and I had always prayed to marry a woman that looks like her. I admire my wife and I’m obsessed with her. I have messed up so much in the past and I figured I could rewrite my own story. I am fortunate to have got a second chance, so I am just living my dreams. I am not living to impress anybody.”