Don’t compare my colleague’s daughter with mine, Biodun Okeowo warns


Popular actress, Biodun Okeowo has warned fans to stop comparing her daughter with that of her colleagues in any way.

The curvy actress cautioned one of her followers on Instagram, who commented on her post.

The follower had said that other celebrities do not train their kids in the right way, thereby allowing them to expose their bodies.

“I’m super proud of you, thanks for rightfully training her, not exposing her body like other celebrities’ daughters do. It’s a sign of giving her good home training. You will surely reap the fruit of your labor on her in Jesus name” the Instagram follower wrote.

Responding, Okeowo said, “Thanks for your comment my darling sis but I will appreciate you commend her and leave it at that. I sincerely don’t appreciate it when my colleagues’ children are compared to my kids or talked about in a derogatory manner. 

The fact that she dresses this way does not make her a super child; it is the mind that matters and relationship with God.”