EPL: Tuchel reacts as Abramovich officially puts Chelsea up for sale

Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel has said Roman Abramovich putting the club up for sale is the “right decision”.

On Wednesday, Abramovich confirmed he is accepting bids to sell the Premier League club.

This comes amid calls for the 55-year-old oligarch to be sanctioned following President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian billionaire who bought Chelsea in 2003, admitted he has made the “painful” decision to offload the club.

Abramovich released the statement before the Blues beat Luton 3-2 in the FA Cup.

When asked for his reaction, Tuchel told BBC Sport: “Maybe I heard it a little bit earlier than you but still it was very close to the kick-off!

“Well, you know, we heard the rumours throughout the day and it’s on TV, and when we have team meetings and we eat together the guys talk about it – everybody talks about it.

“So, yeah, it is big news, let’s wait and see for the best and see what the day brings.”

Tuchel was asked if he feels it is the right decision, he replied: “I think every decision he takes is the right decision.

“It’s his choice, it’s his club, and it’s not on me to comment.”