Drinking is no sin, Bible allows us to buy alcohol with our tithe, Reno Omokri preaches

Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan has stirred controversy on social media after he argued that preaching against alcohol was not biblical.

JNL gathered that the former presidential aide made the statement on Friday on his Twitter page, adding that it is uniformed to say Christ turned water into non-alcoholic wine.

According to Omokri, the Bible preaches about alcoholic wine in ‘John 2:10’ and does not hate alcohol.

His tweet read: “It is uninformed to say Christ turned water into non-alcoholic wine. Not only that, you invite curses on yourself by virtue of Revelation 22:18. Even the governor of the feast confirmed that it was alcoholic wine (John 2:10). Drink. Don’t get drunk.

“Religionists argue that if Scripture says wine, it refers to non-alcoholic wine. Scriptural wine is ALCOHOLIC (John 2:10). Deut 14:26 even refers to it as STRONG DRINK. Anything done in excess, including wine, is a sin.

Citing bible preferences, Omokri said Christians can also use their tithes to buy alcohol, adding that it is drunkenness that is a ‘sin’

“How fortunate for many churches that congregations read their pastors lips, but don’t read Scripture for themselves. You say drinking is a sin, yet Christ Himself drank (Matthew 11:19). Pick up Scripture and read it by yourself from cover to cover.

“Drinking alcohol is no sin. Drunkenness is sin. It is unscriptural to preach against alcohol. Even in heaven they drink wine (Matthew 26:29). Paul encouraged wine drinking (1 Tim 5:23). Scripture allows you use your tithe to buy alcohol (Deu 14:26),” his tweet added.