Police arrest Gokada CEO’s PA, Fahim Saleh for his murder

 Tyrese Haspil, a former personal assistant to Gokada founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fahim Saleh, has been arrested.

Saleh was gruesomely murdered by a faceless assassin earlier this week who left his decapitated and dismembered body inside his Lower East Side apartment, in New York City.

Haspil, 21, is in police custody and expected to be charged with the murder of Saleh, according to New York Post.

Haspil once worked at Saleh’s venture capital firm, Adventure Capital.

Police gathered that Haspil allegedly stole $100,000 from the late 33-year-old tech entrepreneur but rather than handing him over to law enforcement agents, the late Gokada CEO brokered a repayment plan with him.

However, Haspil allegedly reneged on the deal at some point.

“This was an act of charity that turned into an act of murder,” a source told New York Post.

Security footage from inside the elevator shows Haspil using a portable vacuum to try and cover his tracks, the source said.

Closed Circuit Television video from Saleh’s East Houston Street apartment building shows the businessman and a smartly dressed Haspil riding together in the elevator — which opens straight out to his apartment — on Monday afternoon.

Saleh’s ride-hailing start-up provided thousands of jobs in Lagos State before the government banned motorcycle operations from major routes in the West African economic hub.