I am not ready to reveal my husband’s identity —Sotayogaga


Popular actress, Tayo Sobola, popularly called Sotayo gaga stunned many of her fans weeks back when she revealed that she has gotten married. Many didn’t believe her claim because the identity of her husband is yet to be known.

In a recent interview, Sotayo noted that she is not ready the reveal the identity of her husband.

She said, “Yes, I am married. I can remove my rings for you to go and test. I am fully, legally married. And no my husband is not in the entertainment industry. My husband and I have known each other for 7 years and we are now married. However, we didn’t get married this year, but we have been married for a while. I hear people say that I got married six years ago but that’s not true.

I kept it secret because I love my personal life to be private. I only posted the photos recently. Sometimes, I just sit back and read some comments on blogs. If you like you can tag anybody you like, carry shovel, you can’t dig out anything. I can pay you to Investigate all you want, you will not see anything else”.