Normalize paying upcoming talents, treat them with respect —Mr Macaroni


Popular comedian and actor, Debo Adebayo a.k.a Mr Macaroni has urged filmmakers in Nollywood to normalize paying upcoming talents for their services as opposed to deceiving them with the promise of exposure.

The skit maker shared his opinions via a recent Twitter thread where he also opened up about his experience with filmmakers when he started out in the industry.

“Please let us normalize paying upcoming talents and also treating them with respect. Yes your platform will give them exposure, but people must be paid for work done. If we can ask the government to do better, we can also demand same from ourselves.

“I’m not asking anyone to be a rebel ooo.. lol. The industry is tough.. I know. But when I started acting, I had issues with quite a number of producers. It’s one thing not to pay me. I tolerated that one. But disrespect me?? Never!! I’ll give you my piece of mind and walk out.

“It hurts when I go to some production sets and I see the way upcoming talents are treated! When I talk they will say I’m troublesome. Some don’t even get paid at all. Please don’t say it is part of ‘paying dues’. We can do better!! Na talent dem wan showcase. Dem no kill person”.