How killers of General Ahmed collected N7m ransom before releasing sister


Sabina, a sibling of the late Major General Hassan Ahmed, was released on Wednesday after thirteen days in captivity.

Newsmen received photos of Sabina kidnapped after the ex-Provost Marshal (PM) of the Nigerian Army was assassinated a fortnight ago at the Abaji area of Abuja.

The interment took place on Friday July 16 at the Lungi Barracks Cemetery in the nation’s capital amid outrage by citizens still lamenting the fate of commoners since a General died that way.

It was earlier reported how armed men ambuscaded and opened fire on the senior officer as he returned from a trip to Okene in Kogi State.

The slain Ahmed traveled without guards. He was with only his sister and an aide who drove a Toyota Hilux vehicle with a private plate number. The assailants took Sabina away.

On Thursday, a source informed newsmen that the killers established contact and demanded N50million after her third day in confinement.

The source revealed how funds were amassed through a WhatsApp group created to support the victim’s family. The screen capture was sighted.

The group, titled “Rescue For Sabina”, had a total of 34 memebrs including friends and relatives. Other spirited individuals also contributed and at the end, N7million was paid to the criminals.

The source said: “The gang requested N50million initially but the family, after doing all they could, gathered N6.3million.

“They begged the kidnappers to collect the amount which was raised under 10 days but the captors rejected and insisted on N7million.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) morning, they gave a 24-hour ultimatum and warned that failure to pay will have consequences.

“This got everyone more agitated. We had to rally to ensure the money was paid before they effect their threat.”

On how the money was delivered and how the ex-hostage was received, the source said only the family members could provide such details. But none is willing to speak to the press.

Sabina, in her 30s, is fatigued and undergoing medical treatment. It is unclear if the Nigerian Army played a part in her freedom.

After the incident, it was gathered that the military and other security agencies launched a joint operation around the Koton Karfe axis of Kogi.

They combed forests in the area used as hideouts by kidnappers and bandits. It is still unclear if arrests were made.

Yet, the Army has not announced an inquiry into Ahmed’s murder or any update on efforts to track down the perpetrators.

Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya, Chief of Army Staff, recently appointed him as a Director. He assumed office less than two weeks before his demise.

Critics condemn the silence of presidency since Ahmed’s passing, noting that President Muhammadu Buhari routinely mourn late academics, music and sports stars, politicians military veterans, etc.