Peter Obi urges govt to stop demolishing houses nationwide

Former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi has told government across the country to stop demolishing houses and instead strategise on how to pull people out of poverty.

The former governor said government should not aggravate people’s misery.

He said this on Saturday in reaction to houses being demolished across the country by government of various states and the Federal Capital Territory.

The Vice-Presidential candidate of the PDP in the last general election lamented that things were going from bad to worse for majority of Nigerians owing to the mindless actions of some leaders.

“Much as I agree that some people live in houses that are not under official regulation, government can, for those that are neither manifestly bad nor causing obstruction, regularise their papers.

“Even for those that are manifestly bad, now is not a good time to demolish such buildings, without providing alternatives, especially when it is the poor that are always at the receiving end.”

Obi cautioned that the sooner Nigerian leaders realise this dire situation and resolve to build a better country, the better for everybody.

“Otherwise the society we abuse today will take its revenge on us in due time.”