S3x for scholarship: Moe drags Popular Twitter tech guy, Chizom

A certain tech guy, Chisom Echehieuka, known as Chizom  @chizom_ on Twitter was called out by a popular tech lawyer Moe. 

Chizom is the founder of Code Hub Africa tech; a growing community of people who are building, learning and helping others navigate technology in Africa. 

He has been exposed for demanding intimate affairs from female applicant After receiving 1.5m grant from Don Jazzy to train 100 Nigerians.

Recall Chizom, the alleged CEO of Code Hub Africa Tech tagged Don Jazzy on social media and asked if he would like to sponsor 100 Nigerian youths to learn coding at their online mentorship programme. He also noted that it costs fifteen thousand Naira (N15,000) to code one person. 

Don Jazzy however captured the hearts of social media users as he paid the sum of N1.5m for 100 Nigerian youths to learn coding at a tech school.

However, a chat involving Chizom requesting for intimate affair as well asking to smoke blunt with a 22-year-old lady while ignoring men in his DM was released by Moe ( a popular tech lawyer) on Twitter.

Moe took to her official Twitter handle to call out Chizom and leaked the chat between him and the 22-year-old woman.

Moe Tweeted; “Permission to call out granted. @chizom_ can you please explain why you are propositioning sex to a 22 year old woman who simply reached out for more details on the tech scholarship offered by your school @CHAfrica_Tech?”

She reached out for a link to your scholarship and your response is to invite her to a private place. Is this what your organization stands for?

Hello @DONJAZZY thank you for sponsoring some folks under this program. You might want to see this.”

See the chats below;

JustNewsLine(JNL) awaits rebuttal or denial from Chizom and his team.