Governors use Buhari as shield for poor performance – Femi Adesina


Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari has alleged that some governors in the country used the president as a shield for their poor performance in office.

Adesina who made the claim in an article titled, ‘Zulum Zooms In’, and shared on his official Facebook page on Thursday, noted that the governors quickly found respite in blaming Buhari for every wrong thing within their control.

He explained that though the president was open to everyone, including his die-hard critics among the governors, they still chose to antagonize him, in order to cover up their ineptitude.

According to Adesina, some governors used to abuse him in daytime, then would come to the Presidential Villa under cover of darkness, and he still opened the doors to them.

The article read in part, “Some Governors think they can be heroes by antagonizing the President. If they owe salaries and pensions, once the month is ending, they begin to abuse the President, thinking their people would forget the outstanding salaries and pensions.

“When they have not built a single kilometer of road, it is Buhari. When infrastructure has decayed under them, it is Buhari. When they can’t secure the lives and property of the people they govern, it is Buhari.

“They play to the gallery, thinking they will receive applause from their people. No, the only sound the people hear is the rumbling from their bellies, due to hunger. And they know where their problems come from.”