More people killed in Kaduna than restive Yemen, Libya – Shehu Sani


Socio-political activist Shehu Sani has lamented the high level of killings by bandits in Kaduna State.

The former Kaduna Central Senator said bandits have killed about 1,192 people last year across the state.

Sani claimed that those killed in Kaduna had outnumbered those killed and kidnapped in Yemen and Libya.

In a tweet, the former Senator wrote: “That bandits killed 1,192 and kidnapped over three thousand in Kaduna last year alone, outpaced the number of people killed and abducted in Yemen and Libya.

“If this is the state the president wants to retire and settle, he must secure it first.”

Kaduna is one of the states that have experienced a high level of banditry activities.

Religious leaders, students, commuters have been abducted and killed by bandits in Kaduna, despite the heavy presence of security structures.