Ash Wednesday: Kaigama urges Christians to show love, give alms



The Metropolitan Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Most Reverend Ignatius Kaigama, has advised Christians to engage in charity and almsgiving during the Lenten season.

The prelate gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja, as Christians mark the Ash Wednesday, which signified the beginning of a 40-day lent.

NAN reports that the Roman Catholics observe the period beginning with the application of ashes on the forehead, a reminder that “from ash we came and to ash we will return’’.

“The life of a Christian would be complete only when we show love, support and share with the poor in the society. What we find in our society today is sadly the reality of ‘blind guides’,” Kaigama said.

The archbishop explained that some religious men and women who pose as ministers of God “are ignorant about what true religion is”.

He added, “There are some leaders who occupy big positions of responsibility today but lack the disposition to make such offices function properly.

“Some fight and even kill to occupy such offices, but are only guided by their quest for material possessions and could be regarded as blind guides.”

He said Nigerians, including leaders, must be upright and follow the teachings of the Holy Books at all times.

Kaigama said, “Leaders are challenged to expunge hypocrisy and deception, to bear good fruits.

“Our nation would achieve greater progress when we truly listen to one another in mutual respect.

“ Government leaders must listen to its citizens, politicians must listen to the people they represent, employees must listen to their employers, the north to the south, one religious adherent to the other.

“ This is the path to enduring peace, greater solidarity and harmony in our society.

“And the best way was to resolve problems such as the lingering fuel scarcity in the nation and the ASUU one-month warning strike to press home her demands from the Government.”