Chrisland school breaks silence on s3..x scandal involving female student


Chrisland School has finally released a statement addressing viral video of 10-year-old female student with fellow students involved in s3..xual activity.

A viral video on Monday showed the pupils in a s3..xual act.

Chrisland in a statement signed by a member of the School’s Advisory Board, Akin Fadeyi, denied that a pregnancy test was done on the female student but a COVID-19 post-travel test.

The school revealed that the girls were lodged on the 11th floor, while the guys were on the 4th floor to protect and respect their moral boundaries.

The school explained that its first approach to the situation was taking up parental roles by offering support to the students involved and ensuring that nothing affected the children’s senses of esteem.

The statement said, “Within these 71, we had our girls on the 11th floor and boys on the 4th floor to draw clear lines that respect moral boundaries.

“While we understand the emotions this has generated, we assure the public that our first approach as an institution was to assume parental roles by offering support to those involved and ensuring that nothing affected their senses of esteem.

“However, after a comprehensive evaluation of the situation, we can’t help but express how scandalised and distressed we feel as mothers, fathers and instructors with a relationship that holds a direct bearing on the development of those involved.

“We were, however, compelled to engage with the parents of the remaining students who unfortunately got themselves involved in misconduct, and by our code of conduct processes, which are well known to the parents.

“Chrisland reprimanded them to instil a sense of discipline and serve as deterrence to other students.

“The disciplinary action was to undermine our cohesive culture as a community of future leaders and committed instructors but to be assertive in handing down the sort of discipline that seeks to correct and reform our children(students) when they stray from the path of rectitude.

“While we hasten to affirm that as an institution that’s managing children from diverse backgrounds, we can’t lay claim to, or embark on any sense of self-righteousness in our approach, but we learn and evolve within the frames of best practices every single day.”

Chrisland added that it was re-evaluating its processes to reinforce child protection protocols and that it would leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the senses of the children’s esteem were uncompromisingly preserved.