Osinachi’s husband, Nwachukwu killed Ekwueme singer – Brother alleges

A brother of late gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, Chiemerie, has accused the deceased’s husband, Peter, of killing her.

Chiemerie disclosed that Mr. Nwachukwu was a beast who maltreated and sent the singer to her early grave.

He lamented that Nwachukwu frustrated all attempts by the deceased’s family to unravel the cause of Osinachi’s illness while she was at the hospital.

Addressing newsmen, Chiemerie said: “Whatever that happens, the husband didn’t treat her well. This man actually beat her and maltreated her badly, and all these things were happening. The man didn’t want us to know; he didn’t want us to come close even at the hospital.

“I tried coming to see her to find out the cause of the whole thing but he said I shouldn’t interfere and if I wanted anything, I should come to him.

“Even when I tried reaching the doctor to find out the cause of her ailment, the man was angry. He didn’t want us to see the doctor.

“The man is a beast and the children saw what he was doing. Even people that live around them kept saying justice must be served the day police arrested him.

“Women are very fragile and there is a way to treat a woman. Anything you do to them will affect their health and affect them in so many ways. That man actually killed my sister”.