APC Primary: ‘It’s irresponsible to wash our dirty linings in public’ — Adamu tells APC members

The National chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) Senator Abdulahi Adamu has come hard on the party members for always rushing to the media over party issues.

Adamu was frustrated in his plan to impose Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawan as the consensus candidate of the party.

He spoke at the ongoing national convention of the APC held at the Eagle Square, in Abuja.

Recall that other members of the NWC had addressed the press after they disowned Adamu for imposing Lawan.

Adamu stated: “On the 20th of April this year, I drew the attention to the need for our party to be disciplined…that a political party such as APC, the ruling party, at the heart of our national development must be exampilary and disciplined and fidelity in its core values.

“Washing our dirty linen in the public is not a mark of courage, it is a mark of irresponsibility, indiscipline and indiscrination to obey extant rules and regulations and play by them.

“We have nothing to gain in portraying our party in a bad light. We have everything to lose in undermining the integrity of our great party. I found it necessary to make these observations.”

Adamu stressed that the healing process in the ruling party had commenced, adding, “things are not falling apart; things are holding up and I am grateful to you all for standing by me and members of the National Working Committee in seeing that we carry out the first order of business in our party and that is the total reconciliation of all the state branches of the APC that were held hostage by avoidable grievances.”

Adamu decried that the presidential contest in all the political parties had heated the polity, especially in the ruling party which paraded the largest number of aspirants.

He stated: “It is said that in all serious socio-political contests, truth is the first casualty. It is so in this contest. We have watched with growing concern a fielding- frenzy in the mainstream media and the relevant social media, the general public is being fed with facts that are no longer envisioned about our party and even the president.

“While speculations, half truth and blatant lies dominate political discuss because they are calculated attempts on the streets by uninformed and excites primordial sentiments,

“We recognise the people’s right to freedom of speech and of the press. But all freedoms impose a major responsibility on those who exercise them and how they are exercised. The reckless exercise of that freedom from the high and the low impinges on the rights and responsibilities of all citizens.”