‘Fear of what’ – Bishop Kukah rules out death concern

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Mathew Hassan Kukah has said that he is not afraid of death.

During an interview on Channels Television on Wednesday night, Bishop Kukah was asked if he fears at any point in time for his safety.

The revered cleric said the only thing he fears is breaking the law.

Kukah, who had on many occasions criticised the policies of the current administration, said the other fear he nurses is that Nigeria may go under with the way things are going in terms of the economic and security situation of the country.

He insisted that he never one day woke up to the fear of death, adding that he only speaks the truth to the authorities and never abuses them.

“When people talk about fear, I ask myself, ‘fear of what?’ I mean, truly, fear of what? The only thing I’m afraid of is to break the law and I live with it everyday.

“The only thing that can give a sense of fear is that I’ve broken the law. Short of breaking the law, I’ll fear a human being or fear what? I’ve not abused anybody. Even my worst critics will concede that I’ve never insulted anybody.

“When people talk to me about fear I don’t know what they’re talking about because to me the only fear I have is that this country may go under and that fear is genuine. But we must do everything humanly possible to avert what is clearly a looming disaster,” he warned.