2023: Why I pity Nigeria’s next president – Sheikh Gumi


Controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has expressed pity over the next president of Nigeria.

Gumi said Nigeria’s next president would meet a lot of mess upon assumption of office.

He said the next president need to act quickly and carefully upon assumption of office.

Gumi disclosed this, in an article entitled, “Let us Pity the next President.”

The Islamic scholar observed that Nigeria’s economy needs a true nationalist to fix it.

Gumi likened the situation in Nigeria to a person suffering from leprosy, diabetes, and HIV/AIDs.

The article reads partly: “The next president is going to meet a great mess. In a metaphorical sense, the nation is suffering from three main disabling diseases. They are leprosy, diabetes, and HIV/AIDs; all in one body.

“The presidency, which represents the brain, is not getting the true picture of the grassroots suffering and the excruciating poverty breaking the masses because the feedback system is attacked by corruption, wickedness, and immorality.”

He said Nigeria’s next president must be careful with dishonest religious leaders.

“The president has to be careful of the dishonest clergy,” he added.