France-led Op Barkhane, MNJTF to strengthen counter-terrorism in Africa’s Sahel

The new Force Commander of Op Barkhane, Major General Bruno Baratz has visited his Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) counterpart Major General Abdul Khalifah Ibrahim at the Headquarters (Camp Farcha) in N’djamena Chad.

Nigeria’s Ibrahim appreciated the cooperation between Op Barkhane and the MNJTF, noting that it should be sustained.

The General thanked the France-led military mission for their stabilizing role and fight against terrorism in the region.

Ibrahim assured the new commander of his desire to work with him to further degrade insurgents in West Africa’s troubled locations.

General Baratz praised the work of the MNJTF whom he said had done a great deal in bringing stability to their area of operations.

The FC confirmed that Op Barkhane is in the process of leaving Mali but will continue to work with other countries in tackling terrorism.

Baratz expressed his desire to work with MNJTF and other partners to achieve their mission of ultimate peace.

In attendance at the meeting were Deputy Force Commander, Chief of Staff, Centre for Coordination and Liaison (CCL) Commander, and MNJTF heads of cells.

Operation Barkhane, a force led by the French military, started on August 1, 2014, to fight insurgents in Africa’s Sahel region.

In February, President Emmanuel Macron announced troops’ withdrawal from Mali after disagreement with its military junta. Terrorists hit the country last Sunday.

However, the outgoing Commander Sector 1 MNJTF (Cameroon) Brigadier General Bouba Debekreo and his successor Col Tiokap Loti also met with Ibrahim.

After a brief discussion on the MNJTF and future plans, Loti expressed excitement to join the team and assured he would work collaboratively to achieve the mission of the force.

The FC praised the professionalism of Debekreo, who served in the position since the inception of the MNJTF in 2015, and wished him well in his new assignment.