2023: Peter Obi identifies what will save Nigeria


The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has said Nigeria needs visionary leadership in order to be put back in the right track.

Obi made this statement while speaking at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

The event was organised by a group of Nigerians as the nation prepares for the forthcoming general elections.

He said Nigeria needs a leader who is a disruptive thinker.

“It will take only one visionary leadership and disruptive thinker for Nigeria to be put back on the right trajectory. I know that with a robust diaspora support, we can do it for Nigeria,” he said.

He further noted that all hope was not lost in winning the war against insecurity.

“Even though the outlook seems bleak, especially with the present state of insecurity and parlous economy, I am certain that with your avid prayers and contributions in both human and material terms, Nigeria will recover,” he added.

On restructuring, Obi said it would form part of the review of the Constitution, which would be decided by Nigerians.

“The review of the Constitution will be part of the overall restructuring Nigerians desire. It will entail legislative, executive and judicial actions. Ultimately, the Nigerian people will decide,” he concluded.