62nd Independence Anniversary: Nigeria was better under colonial masters – Adeyanju


Socio-political activist, Deji Adeyanju, has said Nigeria has nothing to celebrate after 62 years of independence.

Adeyanju anchored his claims on Nigeria’s economic imbalance since independence.

In a terse statement to mark Nigeria’s 62nd independence day celebration, the Abuja-based activist lamented the depreciating value of the country’s currency.

He insisted that Nigeria did better under the colonial masters than what is obtainable now.

He noted that the new colonial masters and political class are only interested in looting every sector of the country’s economy

According to Adeyanju: “At 62 years, the Naira note which is our legal tender is one of the most worthless in the world. One dollar is N740 while the Ghanaian currency is 10 cedi to the US dollar. There’s absolutely nothing to celebrate here because the country is not working.

“Sadly, the country was doing much better under foreign colonial masters. The new colonial masters of Nigeria, the political class are only interested in looting and destroying the educational, health and other sectors while sending their kids abroad to school and go to the best hospitals abroad.

“The irony of our present reality is that candidate of the ruling party is currently rumoured to be abroad receiving medical treatment in the middle of presidential campaigns.

“Welcome to Nigeria where citizens who were protesting against police brutality this time last year were treated with more brutality. How can we celebrate when ASUU has been on strike for over seven months?”