BBNaija: OAP Nedu’s ‘it’s only s_x they offer’ comment unsettles celebrities

Popular Nigerian on-air personality and comedian, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel’s subtle shade at Big Brother Naija female housemates has continued to unsettle the entertainment industry.

Nedu had during an interview with BBNaija ‘Level Up’ housemate, Doyinsola David, on his podcast ‘The Honest Bunch’ claimed that most ladies who get on the BBNaija reality TV show do so simply to get customers (referring to s_x), insisting they have nothing else to offer other than their body.

Further buttressing his point, Nedu claimed that the reality show has a way of tossing someone into the limelight but with no substance to maintain it.

“It’s only s_x many of them have to offer. They intentionally go there just to get customers,” he said.

In response, Doyin maintained that it’s just normal human nature to seek greener pastures and that a “customer” can turn into a husband.

Focusing on the brighter side of the OAP remark, Doyin argued that there was absolutely nothing wrong with ladies going on the show simply for that purpose.

The allegation is coming a week into the commencement of another BBnaija series, which is a combination of both Nigerian and South African housemates, tagged ‘BBTitans’, and the winner will get $100,000 (over N50,000 million).

This statement didn’t go well with most of the show’s stars. Many Big Brother Naija celebrities have come out to defend their female colleagues over the verbal attacks.

Reacting to this, former BBNaija Season 6 star, Angel Agnes Smith in a tweet, accused men of being jealous of hard-working women on the show.

She maintained that “men are very jealous of women, because I don’t understand why you are upset about a grown woman’s vagina.”

Former BBNaija housemate, Abiri Oluwabusayo, also known as Khloe, blasted Nedu over his comment, stating that his actions show why his ex-wife allegedly cheated on him.

She further urged him to get help and heal from his trauma.”

BBNaija star Joe Abdallah who described Nedu’s comment as mundane, said, “I see no reason for such a comment.”

Reality TV star Cross Okonkwo in a series of tweets on his Twitter handle, wrote, “Please leave our big brother girls alone. They are human beings too. Big brother girls are amazing, talented, business-driven, beautiful and so on. And if anyone sleeps with a man to get ahead, Why are we not calling the man out too ?, Please let’s give them their flowers and stop bringing them down.”

BBNaija star Deji Morafa, also trolled Nedu saying the reason he continues to attack BBNaija girls is because he applied to be on the show multiple times but was rejected.

Also popular Nigerian movie producer, Samuel Olatunji, popularly known as Bigsam, slammed the OAP for being misogynistic. Tackling Nedu, he questioned what is the male reality star’s purpose for going to the show too.

“If the ladies at Big Brother Naija went there for ‘customers’. What did the men go there for?”, he asked.

Samuel opined that the on-air personality was trying to tear the credibility of the industry to shred and project female celebrities as whores.