Drop your lust for power, how you fight for positions – Archbishop Kaigama tells Politicians

The Archbishop of Abuja Archdiocese, Ignatius Kaigama on Friday, advised leaders in Nigeria to drop their lust for power.

The cleric maintained that governance involves sacrifice and cautioned them against self-centeredness and personal interest.

Kaigama said those entrusted with positions of authority must give priority to the common good and what makes citizens happy.

“We should not focus on what we are going to acquire in this world. When it comes to politics, people fight as if it is the end of the world,” he told NAN.

The clergyman observed that when politicians win elections, “there is a struggle and when they lose, it is a problem”.

He advised political, religious and traditional heads to be fair, honest and just, adding that sacrifice is of great essence.

Kaigama added that leadership is service to humanity, urging leaders to live for Christ and aim to always do good at all times.