‘I grew up among criminals’, Omah Lay reveals

Nigerian singer, Stanley Omah Didia, popularly known as Omah Lay has revealed that he grew up among “criminals”.

The Port Harcourt-born artist disclosed this in a recent interview with H Steph.

He said, “I grew up among criminals. It’s crazy. I grew up in Marine Base. And if you know that place very much you will know that it’s like one place in Port Harcourt where people didn’t used to go at the time I was growing up.

“I grew up around criminals, thugs and stuff like that. I grew up around pipeline [vandals], illegal business and stuff like that. So, there were a lot of troubles for me but what I said is part of the things that made me what I’m today.”

Omah Lay said he is grateful for growing up in such an environment.

He, however, added that he wouldn’t wish anyone to grow up in that kind of neighbourhood.