Davido a devil, never wanted to marry Chioma - Anita Brown


American business woman,  Anita Brown has once again gone for Davido’s jugular.


In her recent attack on the Nigerian star, Anita alleged that Davido never intended to marry Chioma Rowland.


According to her, it was the tragedy that struck that forced Davido’s hands into marriage.


Anita tagged Davido to the post on social media, saying “would you have married if your child didn’t die?”


 “That’s why you got bad luck and bad things keep happening with you. YOU ARE THE DEVIL! YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE,” Anita bitterly stated.


She further called the Nigerian star other unprintable names.


She wrote, “this is what y’all call a good example in Nigeria, Y’all should be ashamed, Pathetic! Y’all must be some satanic fans. I don’t ever need to seek vengeance because what God has done to you and will do to you later, will show you. And that’s enough for me”


She further accused Davido of always begging women to get what he wants.