If I pay 10% as tithe, God will flog me - Pastor Ibiyeomie


Founder, Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, Pastor David Ibiyeomie on Sunday told his congregation that if he pays 10 percent as tithes, God would flog him.


He also said not paying tithes is a form of greed, saying that those who got angry with tithing never come out of tightness.


Speaking on the topic: “Prospering with the Word,” Ibiyeomie said “Na tithe em wan dey preach? You no go come out of suffering oo. You can’t enjoy abundance if you are angry with tithing. Tithing is your major access to financial fortune.


“Tithing is the gate to Kingdom wealth, if you jump through, you are a thief. The gate to your Kingdom wealth before every other thing is what? Tithing. That gate must be open before you have access to the compound. Tithing is the gate, if you don’t pay, the gate remains locked, your suffering notwithstanding, your cry will not move God. Are you hearing me? If you don’t pay tithe, God will never be moved by your tears,” he said.


On Prophet offering, Ibiyeomie added: “I said to the Holy Ghost, ‘I don’t want to teach it’. He said: ‘If you don’t teach it, you don’t tell them the secret’! – Prophet offering! You can never prosper without a Prophet. I won’t talk so much on that one. I taught so much on it two Sundays ago.


“I stop there, if you like, you give. I have three safes in my house – One tithe, one offering, one Prophet offering. When I push to tithe, push to offering, push to Prophet offering. That’s why I can never be broke, the three of them, safe.


“Your tithe is my regular offering, my offering is ten percent, I won’t tell you my tithe but I don’t pay ten percent tithe, I won’t teach you that one, every money I get. In fact these days I don’t even pay ten, my P.A is there. I pay far beyond ten, for every money I get! That is what you are struggling to pay as tithe, me I pay more than ten percent as offering.


“My tithe is not fifteen percent, I won’t tell you the percentage, I’m on another level. I won’t tell you what I pay as tithe. If I pay ten percent, God will flog me. Me, pay tithe of ten percent for what? You pay ten percent that’s the recommended one but me, I’m at another level.”