You’ll definitely enjoy MLS, they accept losing – Gareth Bale to Messi

Former Los Angeles FC forward, Gareth Bale, has told Lionel Messi that he would enjoy Major League Soccer, MLS, after the Argentina captain sealed a move to Inter Miami.

Bale said that Messi would have to face less pressure on losing matches in MLS as compared to Spanish La Liga.

The Welshman was speaking with Peter Crouch on BT Sport when he was quizzed about MLS and also asked for advice he would give Messi.

“It is a lot more chilled (in MLS). If you lose at Real Madrid, it is like the world has ended. You are crucified. You feel down,” Bale said.

“You go home and you are not happy. They accept losing a bit more (in America). There is no consequence. You can’t get relegated over there.”

He added, “When you lose a game you go on to the next one. They accept losing a lot better over there. They know how to lose but they celebrate every win like you have won the championship. He will definitely enjoy it.”