EU threatens sanction on Niger over military coup

The European Union (EU) has condemned in the strongest terms the coup in Niger, insisting that the events in the West African country in recent days constitute a serious attack on stability and democracy.

It also warned that any abuse of the fundamental rights of the ousted leader would meet dire consequences with the suspension of support for the troubled country.

The EU, in a statement on Friday signed by the High Representative, Josep Borrell said: “As ECOWAS pointed out in its latest press release, this coup is in total violation of the democratic principles on which the management of political power in the region is based.”

The EU reiterated its support for the action of the organisation in the sub-region and for the ongoing efforts to allow an immediate return to constitutional order.

It called for President Bazoum’s security and freedom of movement to be guaranteed unconditionally, warning that: “Any breach of the constitutional order will have consequences for cooperation between the EU and Niger, including the immediate suspension of all budget support. We will remain in close coordination with the ECOWAS Heads of State.”

The EU, however, said it stands with the people of Niger and reaffirms its full commitment to strict respect for the rule of law, human rights, and international humanitarian law in the country.