‘I believe’ – James Ibori reacts to UK court fresh judgement

Former Delta State governor, James Ibori has reacted to reports of him risking a fresh 10-year jail term.

This is as a United Kingdom, UK, court is set to order the seizure of more than £100 million ($129 million) from Ibori.

The development comes about six years after Ibori returned to Nigeria after serving a prison sentence for money laundering and fraud charges.

The British authorities had indicted Ibori for stealing public funds and money laundering through UK banks and properties. But, the trial on confiscation proceedings against Ibori began in February 2017.

However, the former Delta state governor expressed the belief that the case would be in his favour.

Tweeting, Ibori wrote: “Albert Einstein is quoted as saying that the ‘definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’.

“If that is true then I must be going mad because in over a decade since the British Courts have been persecuting myself and those close to me – I kept believing that justice and fairness would eventually triumph.

“In hearing after hearing through the years, despite some of the most logic-defying rulings against me- I still believed. Despite clear evidence of police corruption against the main officer in my case (evidence so strong that it caused the lead prosecutor to resign from my case) I still believed.

“Despite a clear victory in my 2013 Confiscation hearing which left the Judge unable to make an order against me, only to have him rule that the prosecution should start the trial afresh some years later – I still believed.”