Ministerial list: Don’t appoint 10 per cent ex-governors – Atiku’s aide tells Tinubu

An aide to the 2023 Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, Daniel Bwala has issued an advice to President Bola Tinubu as he prepares to name his cabinet.

Bwala said if former governors constitute more than 10 per cent of Tinubu’s cabinet, then he has no plans for Nigeria.

He noted that 90 percent of former governors in Nigeria failed while they were in office.

Tweeting, Bwala charged Tinubu to inject new faces into his cabinet if he wants to move Nigeria forward.

He wrote: “If the names of former governors in his cabinet constitute more than 10 percent of the whole, then we would know he doesn’t have plans for Nigeria.

“Firstly, 90 percent of former governors in Nigeria have failed in governing their states where they commanded absolute powers.

“Some former governors have even gone on to fail as ministers in the past administration.

“When he sits in his cabinet meeting, there shouldn’t be old faces of the past administration in the room.

“He has more than enough manpower if he seriously wants to move this nation forward for at least 6 months remaining.”