‘I hope she calls me to tell me she’s ok’ — Pete Edochie praises Genevieve


Pete Edochie, the ace actor, has described Genevieve Nnaji as one of the most brilliant actresses he has worked with in movies.

Edochie spoke in a recent chat on the ‘WithChude’ podcast.

The 76-year-old film star also recalled the “father-daughter” relationship he shares with Genevieve.

Genevieve was in the spotlight in January 2022 after she unfollowed everyone on Instagram and deleted all her posts on the platform.

In March 2022, the actress reflected on mental health before going on a social media hiatus.

At some point last year, rumours had swirled that she was battling a mental illness.

In the interview, Edochie said he is expecting to get a call from the actress someday to know about her well-being.

“Of all the girls who have played my daughters in films, somehow it is Genevieve that I love the most,” he said.

“I came to look upon her as a daughter and she sees me as a father. She is a very brilliant lady. Exceptionally brilliant lady. And I have not heard a lot from her lately.

“Ever since I heard that she is a little disturbed, I do not know whether it is true. I hope one day she calls me to tell me and says ‘look I am okay’.”

Edochie also expressed his shock at the spate of failed marriages among Nollywood actresses.