Why I switched from pop to cultural music – Singer, Kcee reveals

Popular Nigerian singer, Kingsley Okonkwo, aka Kcee revealed he switched from pop to cultural music because he wanted to showcase the Igbo culture to the world.

The 44-year-old singer who is currently making waves with his cultural-themed hit song, ‘Ojapiano’ said he got the idea of doing cultural music in 2018 and since then he has been improving his craft.

He stated this in a recent interview with Channels TV.

He said, “It [inspiration for cultural music] didn’t just come. I was working towards it for a couple of years about four/five years.

“Since 2018, I started thinking about how can I take the [Igbo] culture to the world. That was when I started doing cultural music. For those that know my career, I wasn’t doing cultural music before. But I have it in me. So, at some point, I discovered the sweetness of the cultural side. And I decided how can I add the pop I’m doing into the culture and take it global. So, it has been a process, I did a couple of cultural songs, cultural praise then I found myself here.”

Kcee said many doubted him initially when he switched to the cultural genre but he is excited it turned out to be successful.