Our marriage ended because you married your brother, OAP Do2dtun replies estranged wife

On-Air-personality, Kayode Oladotun, popularly known as Do2dtun, has responded to his estranged wife Taiwo Oyebanjo’s allegations of domestic abuse that she cited as justification for divorcing him and taking their children with her.


He emphasized that the allegation of domestic abuse was untrue and that he has always been committed to the well-being of their children.


Do2dtun claims that Taiwo fled with their children despite a court order stating that they shared custody, a claim that Taiwo was not too pleased about as she broke her silence on Saturday and gave domestic abuse as her reason for ending the marriage.


Her words: “For eight years, I tolerated your sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse. I can never recover from the trauma and pain you caused me. How did you expect me to raise the girls in that environment?”


Taiwo also addressed claims that Dbanj played a role in the end of their marriage.


“This is not Dapo’s battle; leave him out. All he did was help and cover your shame as you couldn’t keep up with your responsibilities, and you are here fighting Dbanj.


“Dapo paid several rents, so we did not live on the streets.


“Every decision I made was to protect the girls from you.”


Refuting Taiwo’s claims in a new post, Do2dtun challenged Dbanj to produce receipts for paying his rent alongside other allegations made by his estranged wife.


“@iambangalee, I challenge you to release receipts of the rent you paid for me; I am sure you know your sister is a LIAR!!! If she took money from you for that purpose, she probably lied, the same way she squandered the kids’ school fees severally given to her when the kids were in Tenderville. She doesn’t even know I know this. LoL.


On domestic abuse claims, Do2dtun said, “You have told the world different stories about what happened.


 “You see how inconsistent your allegations are: Domestic violence to forced abortion to emotional abuse to sexual abuse. Please stay in one place.


“What you filed is different from what you tell the press. What you say is always different from what you type.


“The marriage reached its breaking point not cos of all these lies you told; it’s cos you MARRIED YOUR BROTHER & gave your mantle of reasoning to your MOTHER.”