I will burst land cartels in FCT – Wike blows hot


The Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike has vowed to confront the cartels behind land racketeering in Abuja.


Wike vowed to burst the cartel benefiting from land racketeering across the federal city.


Addressing selected journalists on Friday, Wike recalled how lands were fraudulently allocated to several organizations.


Following fraudulent allocations, Wike said staff of the Federal Capital Territory Authority, FCTA, would ask those affected to institute legal actions.


According to Wike: “FCTA allocated land of over 300 hectares to a company in 2001, revoked it in 2022 and reallocated it to another company in 2005; they revoked it and reallocated it to the initial company without notice. In 2009, they revoked it and reallocated it to another company again.


“By next week, our legal team and external solicitors have arranged to defend FCTA on our land matters, what happens here is that even the leader of the secretariat will tell you to sue; they will sue without defending it, they won’t go to court. It’s business, it’s racketeering, and you will see judgments against FCT. This led to me demanding the files, but we are going to do it in a way that will help us.


“There is a cartel, and to bust it, you must be very prepared, and for me, I’m prepared and will face it.”